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Support a Nonprofit toady!

Support one of our non-profit clients ‘Keys 2 Serenity’ by donating today. Help them reach their goal of $25,000

Client News

The Black Beanz /

Born to Dance 330

The Black Beanz and Born to Dance 330 have recently formed a new partnership. Born To Dance330 Academy is locally and internationally recognized as one of Ohio’s premiere dance studios. The Black Beanz are one of the top 10 Youth Dance Groups in Ohio!

This partnership is incredibly imporatnt and broadens the scope of possibilites for both groups. We look forward to helping guide this new project and hope for success for both groups collectively and seperately!



Last year we had the opportunity to work with some great nonprofits. Through that work we have realized a major need for grants and grant writing services. So in 2022.. and beyond we have decided to make that service available to all current and future non-profit clients.

*Contact us directly for pricing and more information.

Total Grant Money Awarded to our clients 2021/2022.

Don’t Settle For Less

Optimize Your Business For 2022 & Beyond.

Every day the world of business evolves, with different methods, tactics, and tools constantly being implemented. We know sometimes its hard to keep up. That’s where Thirty Six North comes in! We will not only create a sustainable business plan but keep it up to date with the latest business trends.

Nonprofit Services

Whether you need assistance with a revamp or rebrand or you’re starting from the ground up. We can help your nonprofit stand out above the rest! Contact us today to learn more!

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Recent Nonprofit Events

Keys 2 the Heart Kids Event by Keys 2 Serenity

Keys 2 Serenity provides events, programs, and services to families and children who have been impacted by addiction. Each year their biggest event is the Keys 2 the Heart Kids event! This day is jam packed with fun and entertainment including a DJ, inflatables, bounce houses, food, face painting, giveaways, AND MORE! This event provides a stres free day of love and connection for these children and their families. Keys 2 Serenity is vital part of the NE Ohio community. We are happy to be able to assist Keys 2 Serenity in their mission to fight the opioid epidemic.

To Learn more about Keys 2 Serenity Click Here

Charge Forward

Building a plan specifically for you.

We know every client’s needs are different, so along with our pre-designed services we also allow creativity to flow. With a FREE 30 minute consultation we will come up with a customized plan for your brand or business.

  • Small Business
  • Corporations
  • Non Profits
  • Sports Teams
  • Athletes

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting



Web Design

COntent Design

Merchandise Design

Custom Business Plans

Pr services (Media kits/press releases)

Social media Managment/campaigns

sales optimization

grant writing




What We Can Do For You

With decades of experience and a world wide network of partners, we are built for any client, project, or brand. Whether you are just starting out or an already established company, we are here to help!

Its not all about the companies. We also cater to entrepreneurs, athletes, and independent artists of all kind.




Image is everything. We’ll make sure your brand is enticing to potential customers or clients. From your logos to your website everything needs to be cohesive and make sense.


It is important to know the specifics of your target demographics. We’ll do the work to find out how to best  reach your clients including understanding the consumers/clients habits. This will ensure no time or money is wasted marketing in the world direction



You have a vision, we’ll bring it to life. Our team specializes in content creation including: logos, web design, marketing materials, and social media content!

For the Non-Profts

We work with all types of non-profits to help with: branding, marketing, advertising, design, PR, and grant writing.

From Our Founder

Live to inspire.

I believe the legacy we leave is as important as what we do while we are alive. What can you do to leave an imprint? What can you do to change the course of human history? How can you live your life to the fullest while also helping future generations? What can you discover? What can you create? How can you be innovative? Nothing is impossible. I implore you to think, create, discover, question, & explore. I dare you to dream. I challenge you to win.


We can’t wait to hear your story and help build your legacy.


– David Brooks


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